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Before and After a Home Network Setup

Learn the Difference an Upgraded Network Can Make

Before and After a Home Network Setup

As smart technologies have grown more popular over the years, we’ve started seeing an interesting trend: phones, door locks, light switches, and more have all gotten smarter in the average home, but those homes’ networks haven’t always kept up. The best practice is to invest in a professional home network setup, but you may be asking yourself if that’s really necessary for your Beaumont, Texas home.

To help you answer that question, we’ve put together a glimpse into the typical “before” and “after” scenario of a home network upgrade. If the “before” scenario accurately describes your home, then consider the difference that moving to “after” could make.


The typical homes we assess before doing a network installation have one or more of these issues:

Slow Internet Speeds

Even if you’re paying for top speeds from your Internet Service Provider, you may not see those fast page loads on a regular basis, especially if you have multiple smart devices running at once. That’s because a lot of things within your home network setup can cause bottlenecks for bandwidth. It’s important that the network is designed in a way that streamlines bandwidth allocation across all of your internet-connected devices.

Areas of the Home without Reliable Internet Access

Your router is always in one specific room, but it’s safe to assume that you’re going to want internet in more areas than just that space. If the router isn’t powerful enough or located in the right area of the home, you probably are down to one bar of Wi-Fi signal in the furthest rooms (if that).

Default Network Security Settings

Another cause of slow internet speeds could be that other people are stealing your bandwidth. If you have default security settings, it’s a simple process for someone to piggyback on your Wi-Fi. A bigger concern is that, if a hacker gains access to your network, they can view and expose emails, private files, or another sensitive information.

What do these issues mean for daily life? It’s usually not a huge deal (although it can be if the lax network security leads to a successful hack of your private information), but it can cause annoying inconveniences on a regular basis. You might have pages that take too long to load, videos that pause to buffer halfway through, areas of your home where you simply can’t relax and browse the internet on your tablet.



So how will things change after having a home network setup from professionals like Brock Technology Group? The short answer is that you will have quick, reliable, and secure internet whenever and wherever you want it in your home.

When you want to stream a movie in 4K Ultra HD in your media room, you simply pick out the film, press play, and enjoy. There’s no waiting on load times. If you want to set up a wireless whole house audio system, you won’t be limited to only the areas within 30 feet of the router.

High-quality networking equipment is one of the best home technology investments you can make. It provides a far better experience for something you use every day: the internet.

If you’d like to improve your Texas home’s network, we’re here to help. Call us today at (409) 832-0276 or fill out this quick contact form to learn more about the different options.

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