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Upgrade Your Medical Practice with Commercial Audio Video

Create an Inviting and Comfortable Environment for Your Patients

Upgrade Your Medical Practice with Commercial Audio Video

In today’s competitive medical field, being a skilled and knowledgeable doctor may not be enough to bring in patients to your practice. Often, it’s the experience before meeting with the doctor that impacts the patient’s decision to return. So what can medical professionals in the Beaumont, Texas area do to enhance that experience?  Below, we cover how a commercial audio video system can improve your medical practice for patients and staff alike.

Promote a Relaxed Atmosphere

Sitting in a stark, boring waiting area before an operation doesn’t do much to relax your patients. If you want to create a environment that keeps waiting patients entertained and comfortable while they wait for appointments, automation technologies such as commercial audio video can go a long way.

Play soothing music through speakers integrated directly into the wall or display a popular TV show that will capture your patients’ attention until it’s time to meet with the doctor. For pediatrics practices, install televisions at the perfect height for children and show a fun cartoon. In recovery rooms, you can make it easy for the patients to control the media using a simple tablet or remote.  With commercial automation, you can completely customize the A/V equipment to suit your practice’s needs.

Educate Your Patients

The visual displays throughout your medical office don’t have to be just for entertainment. Brock Technology Group can set up a complete commercial audio video system that allows doctors to display charts, videos, and other medical information directly on the screen in the room. Use the waiting area to educate patients about the importance of preventative care or display helpful guidance in recovery areas about how to heal quickly. Because all of the TVs in the office are connected, doctors can easily select the information they want to be displayed in a particular room.

Increase Staff Comfort and Efficiency

Your staff doesn’t have to go through their days at the office staring at a blank wall. Place televisions strategically so that they are easily viewable by both patients and staff. More importantly, your staff shouldn’t have to waste time juggling multiple remotes or dealing with separate technologies to control the sound levels, channels, movies, etc. Instead, you can centralize all of the A/V equipment in your medical office so that it can all be controlled using one touchscreen tablet or even a smartphone. That same system can also include an integrated intercom that your staff can use to communicate with doctors and patients.

A commercial audio video system isn’t limited to just the waiting area—you can add speakers and visual displays to every room in your medical practice, from the bathrooms to the examination areas. And you don’t have to stop at just audio and video either. With a commercial automation system, you can control the lights, climate, shades, security, and more, all right from your smartphone or tablet.

To discuss the best options for your medical or dental office, contact us today.

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