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3 Landscape Lighting Tips for Your Texas Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the Outdoors at Any Time With These Smart Lighting Solutions

3 Landscape Lighting Tips for Your Texas Outdoor Spaces

Since the weather in Texas is fairly warm year-round, you can spend time outside any month of the year. Even though it’s hot in the summer, you can cool off in the pool, and if it gets chilly during the winter months there’s always the hot tub or you can get cozy underneath some blankets by a fire pit. If you like being outside in the evening in the Woodlands, Texas, then you’ll of course need to install some landscape lighting. There are a lot of ways you can do this in a beautiful and functional way. Keep reading this blog to learn more!

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Tip#1: Light up the Pool

Everyone loves the pool in Texas in the summer because it’s just so hot. But taking a swim in the evening is enjoyable too – you won’t be exposed to those harmful UV rays and can still get in some exercise. We can install lights in and around the pool so that you can take a swim any time of the night and still be safe. Place small lights on pathways and in those key areas you need to not trip on anything and grab a towel. For a fully relaxing experience, add an outdoor music system so you can listen to some tunes, integrate your pool’s temperature controls so you can cool it or heat it throughout the year, or put in a TV so you can enjoy a movie and still get some fresh air.

Tip #2: Design a Stylish and Functional Layout

You can put lighting into two basic categories: functional and decorative. Outside, functional lights provide enough illumination for you to see steps, walkways, door knobs, and the general area. Some examples of accent lights would include colored lights that highlight sculptures or plants, decorative fixtures that hang over a table, barbecue pit or bar, and hanging lights that give a romantic ambiance to your backyard. Soft white bulbs add beautiful and romantic ambiance for various occasions. You could even make your home feel like a luxury resort by placing lights in and around the pool, ponds, and even in the trees. The key is using both to complete the whole picture, and easily controlling them for different applications, which is where we come in.

Tip #3: Automate Your Lighting

Whether you just heard a noise outside and want to see if anyone is there, or you are having a party out back, we can put lighting controls in your hands so that it’s easy to set the scene. Hit one button and it’s party time, hit another one on your phone or tablet and it’s time for a midnight star-gazing session. For example, create a scene called “Dinner Party” to turn on the string lights over the pergola, the lights around the BBQ, and the accent lights on the dance floor area. Add an outdoor music system so that your audio turns on at the same time. For everyday use, timers can help make ending the evening go smoothly so that all of the accent lights shut off, but the floodlights stay on, at the same time during the week. Right at midnight, all the pretty lights will shut off but the necessary ones will stay on. We’ll help provide a layout and landscape lighting system that makes sense for your specific outdoor environment.

Would you like to redesign or install new lighting in your backyard? We have a lot of landscape lighting ideas, systems, and products that will make your home look beautiful after the sun sets. Fill out this online form to get started.

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