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The Best Outdoor Speakers to Rock Your Party in Lake Charles

Enjoy a Whole House Audio System by Brock Technology Group

The Best Outdoor Speakers to Rock Your Party in Lake Charles

Spring is finally here, and summer is not long off either which means that it’s time to get ready for some outdoor fun. Pool parties, barbecues and relaxing evenings under the stars are just a few activities to look forward to. But is your backyard party-ready? Brock Technology Group can help you prepare to entertain family and friends outside by installing a whole house audio system in your Lake Charles, LA property. Read on to learn more.

How does a whole house audio system work?

Before we get into outdoor speakers specifically, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of a whole house audio system. If you love music, then typically you have a lot of it and multiple music sources, like an iTunes account, Spotify subscription or other radio channels. However, it can get tricky organizing all of that music. And exactly how do you play it in every room without cluttering up your home?

You can either place a wireless speaker in every room or install a wired speaker in the walls. The speakers connect and communicate with each other over a wireless network so that they can all play the same song track at the same time, or play different tunes in each room. You could even group certain speakers together to customize the system. For example, connect all of the speakers on the first floor, and then group all the speakers on the second floor together. If you would like to extend your audio system outdoors, a wired speaker system is best. Not only will they sound better, but there will also be a better connection.

Once all of the speakers are in place, you can select playlists or albums using a mobile device-like an iPad or iPhone-and then stream music throughout the house. Use the system to pick specific times when you want to music to come on – like in the morning when you wake – or every Sunday at noon when you have guests over.

What is different about an outdoor speaker?

Outdoor speakers have been made to resist water and tolerate extreme temperatures. So whether that subwoofer is buried under snow or steaming in the 100 degree sun, it won’t affect the sound or damage the electronic. Of course, not all outdoor speakers are of the same caliber. Some outdoor speakers have been made for a fun volleyball game at the beach, while others are established pieces of the home.

To create an outdoor music system, our team strategically places outdoor speakers around the backyard so that the music is evenly distributed and heard. We also install subwoofers underground so that they are completely hidden in foliage. Your speakers will only be heard and not seen since their earthy colors blend into the scenery and are nestled in the grass or bushes. As soon as every piece is in place, you can start planning that pool party you’ve been waiting for all winter long.

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