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How Can Lighting Control Add Value to Your Home?

Boost Convenience and Comfort in Your Beaumont Home

How Can Lighting Control Add Value to Your Home?

Your home should make your life comfortable and relaxed, not create chores and hassles for you to deal with. One innovative way to eliminate a common inconvenience in your Beaumont, Texas home is to invest in a smart lighting control system. Below, we’ve covered some ways that lighting control can transform your daily life.

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Save Time and Effort

A lighting control system is designed to make it as easy as possible to manage the lights in every room of your home. That means you’ll never have to worry about turning on a light as you enter a room or remember to walk through the house to turn off all the lights before bedtime. Instead, you can make every room the perfect brightness with a single tap on your Control4 touchscreen.

Lower Energy Costs

A 2015 Gartner study found that smart lighting control can reduce energy by up to 90% in business environments, so why not take those same eco-friendly practices into your home? By using sensors to detect movement, you avoid wasting lighting in areas that aren’t in use. Light sensors can identify when the room has ample natural lighting, and then automatically dim the artificial lights until they’re needed. Your electricity bill will stay low while the lighting in each room stays at just the right level of comfort.

Enhance Décor

When you think about interior design, lighting probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind, but the truth is that lighting levels make a big difference in how artwork and décor are presented. Too much light can wash out a painting, while not enough light will make it hard to see. With smart lighting control, you can highlight different architectural and art elements throughout your home.

Prepare for Any Scenario

The lighting for a romantic dinner should be different from the lighting used in the kitchen when preparing that meal. A lighting control system allows you to adjust the lighting in each room in just seconds. Set the lighting throughout the home and outdoor area for a fun party or dim the lights in your living room to watch a movie. Whatever activities you want to do in your home, you can set the scene with smart lighting.

To learn more about how lighting control can make your life easier, contact us today. Our smart home automation experts are ready to help design and install the perfect lighting system for you.

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