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The Smart Way to Enhance Business Security

Alarm Monitoring Services Help to Keep Your Business Safe

The Smart Way to Enhance Business Security

Business security is a big concern for companies throughout Beaumont and the surrounding area, and with good reason. You need to protect your investment in your business, and security systems are an effective way of doing that. It really is an instance where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – you don’t want to find out the hard way the disadvantages of leaving your business unprotected.

But that leads to a pertinent question: are all business security systems equal? The short answer is no. Keep reading to learn about basic security measures and more advanced approaches, such as alarm monitoring services.

The Basics

If your business does not currently have any security measures in place, then now is the time to change that. Here are some of the most common, effective ways to make your building more secure:

1. Surveillance Cameras

Studies have actually shown that simply having surveillance cameras visible at your business can deter crime. The cameras are a clear sign that your business has taken steps to protect itself, so the thieves move on to easier targets. That said, surveillance cameras can also be used to catch or provide proof of wrongdoing.

2. Access Control

An access control system can ensure that your building is only open to authorized individuals at the appropriate times. You can set access levels and permissions for different employees or agencies and then track who is entering and exiting the property.

3. Alarm System

If surveillance cameras aren’t enough of a deterrent to crime, an alarm system likely will be. Your alarm system could set off loud noises if someone attempts to break in through a door or window, alerting anyone inside and scaring off the burglar.

The Advanced Approach

If you feel that a simple system won’t get the full security coverage your business needs, there are more advanced technologies and services that you could take advantage of:

1. Commercial Automation

Commercial automation is a growing technology trend in Texas. By adding an automation system to your building, you gain numerous benefits. The system can aid with energy efficiency, ambiance, and security. With a commercial automation setup, you can combine your alarm system, access control, surveillance cameras, and other building functions such as lighting and climate into one streamlined, easily managed system.

2. Alarm Monitoring Services

What happens when the alarm in your business’ building gets triggered? If no one is monitoring the system, it could just blast noise without any positive end result for your business. Instead, the better approach is to use an alarm monitoring service. With this service, a triggered system immediately alerts dispatch, who then alerts the relevant authorities (Police, EMS, fire station, etc.) depending on the need. Dispatch will also alert any key personnel in your business so that you can stay in the loop and respond if needed.

Our Recommendation

Business security is not one-size-fits-all. Instead of a cookie-cutter solution, it’s best to evaluate the exact needs of your company (from both a building security view and a business investment view) and design a system that gives you the functionality you actually need. You may find that, when combined with the other benefits that commercial automation offers, an enhanced security system is actually a better investment for your company, or you may find that a simple setup is perfect for your needs.

In short, the best first step is to talk with a commercial security expert to see what your options are. If you would like to learn more, please contact us by calling 409-832-0276 or filling out this quick questionnaire.

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