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What is Commercial Automation? [Definition, Use Cases, ROI]

Find Out if this Technology is Right for Your Business

What is Commercial Automation? [Definition, Use Cases, ROI]

Commercial automation is hitting it big in the Houston, Texas area. Since this technology is so new, you may not have a strong understanding of what automation is or if it’s something your business should adopt. That’s okay—continue reading for a clear definition, some helpful use cases, and examples of potential return on investment.

The Definition

Commercial automation is a technology system usually implemented to control various aspects of a building, such as the lights, temperature, window shades, audio, video, etc.

Instead of controlling each of these components individually, automation combines them into one easily managed system. Everything works in unison, which in turn helps your business save on daily operations.

Use Cases

Businesses adopt commercial automation systems for many different reasons. See if any of the uses below could apply to your company:

  • Energy Management:

How often are the lights on in unused spaces? Does your business have lots of windows that are letting in the hot Texas sun? Do you find that electronics such as projectors or digital displays are often left on overnight? We can implement technology that automatically monitors energy usage throughout your business. On sunny days, motorized window shades can lower to block solar heat gain. Motion sensors in bathrooms or boardrooms can cause lights to turn off or dim if nobody is in the area. The energy management system can even power down all devices at the end of the business day.

  • High-Tech Appearance:

Appearances matter. If you’re conducting a meeting with an important client or board member, are you currently taking them into a conference room with outdated tech, cluttered cords, or devices that don’t work reliably? Instead, why not take them into a well-designed, sleek meeting area that, with the push of a single button, transforms before you into the perfect environment for a presentation?

  • Streamlined Productivity:

Your employees likely interface with technology on a regular basis. Take a sports bar for example. At the start of the day, employees have to go throughout the building turning on each television to the appropriate channel and sound levels, turning on the lights, adjusting the shades, etc. In a corporate boardroom, you might have to designate an employee to get the meeting system ready fifteen minutes early. But with an automation system, you can replace all of these manual tasks with one button push. Everything is programmed to work seamlessly, giving back more time each day for other employee duties.

  • Stronger Security:

Security and automation often go hand in hand. You can create a robust security system that protects your business goods and information across all areas: network attacks, physical intrusion attempts, etc. From surveillance cameras to automatic flood lights to smart door locks, we can design a system that meets your business needs.

  • Improved Atmosphere:

If you own a business that caters directly to customers, such as a medical office, restaurant, or retail store, you know how important it is to create the right atmosphere. Your automation system can include digital signage that is easy to adjust with the latest specials every day, a business sound system with multiple zones for smooth audio in every area, programmed lights and shades that keep your business at the appropriate lighting, and much more!


Return on Investment

There’s no black and white guarantee on how much return you will get from investing in commercial automation, but the use cases listed above highlight the various ways your business can benefit. found that businesses waste an average of 30% of energy annually. As a basic calculation, see how much you would save if your company’s energy bill were 30% lower each month. That’s not even considering any tax rebates you could get from implementing energy-saving technologies.

How much value can 30 more minutes of productive employee time bring to your business? How much more revenue will you bring in with a fantastic atmosphere that keeps clients coming back? There’s one way to find out for sure, and we’d love to help you get started.

If you’re interested in developing an automation system uniquely fitted to the needs of your Houston business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Fill out this quick form, and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss the possibilities.

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